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Refacing Versus Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Which Is the Better Option for Your Albuquerque, NM, Home?

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and light teal blue cabinetryIf you’ve been searching for an easy way to improve the overall appearance of your kitchen without the hassles and headaches of a full room renovation, you may have already figured out that updating your cabinets is a great way to do just that. However, there are plenty of options when it comes to how to update said kitchen cabinets, with two main possibilities being refacing and repainting. Before deciding on which of these is the better option for your home in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area, let’s take a closer look at each:

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets involves just that—having your cabinets repainted. While this may sound like a simpler, more cost-effective option that still allows you choose a new color or finish, there are many downsides that may make an alternative a better solution. Because painting kitchen cabinets doesn’t address the elements that lie below the paint, damage in terms of scratching, splintering, or other wear and tear may still be visible even under the fresh layer of paint.

Cabinet Refacing

In contrast to painting kitchen cabinets, cabinet refacing is a slightly more in-depth process. Essentially a more economical solution to a cabinet replacement, refacing involves keeping the existing cabinet boxes while all other external components, such as the doors, drawer fronts, moldings, and side panels, can be replaced. Along with providing greater creative freedom and smoother results than simply repainting, cabinet refacing will also make your cabinets more cohesive. This is especially true when you partner with a company like Total Kitchen Makeover, as we apply a durable veneer coating to the boxes for a finished look that lasts.

Choosing the Right Option for You

Overall, when it comes to cabinet refacing versus painting, refacing simply proves to be the winner. If you’ve decided that this is a better option over painting your kitchen cabinets, there’s only one thing to do now: call in the professionals at Total Kitchen Makeover. Based in Albuquerque, we specialize in cabinet refacing and other renovation solutions that can bring your dream kitchen to life.

“Total Kitchen Makeover did a FANTASTIC job! They were professional, efficient, friendly, and detail-oriented. The installers showed up on time and got the job done fast. We continue to recommend them to all of our friends!”

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“Total Kitchen Makeover did a FANTASTIC job! They were professional, efficient, friendly, and detail-oriented. The installers showed up on time and got the job done fast. We continue to recommend them to all of our friends!”

“Absolutely love my new kitchen! It can be stressful, when you are doing a renovation, but they were so amazing!!! Oh, where does start?....They have many options, explained everything and how everything will come together, kept me updated with EVERYTHING.... when they were going to come out and how it was going to work, I was always in the loop! Enjoyed every single staff member I encountered. They were all very professional, was comfortable leaving my home while they were there, and soo very friendly! Also checked in with me after everything was done to make sure I was completely satisfied. Truly amazing work, great job at coordinating everything to be done in one week, great communication, absolutely the best costumer service and super accommodating! Highly recommend...They make it easy Peezy????”

“I couldn't be more thrilled with my updated kitchen. Working with the crew over at Total Kitchen Makeover made for a personable and easy experience. They responded to my inquiry in a very timely manner, had someone come out to evaluate and had my update done very quickly. Very professional team, exceptional work and couldn't be happier with the end results! Highly recommend!”

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